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"Kerrie has been cutting, coloring, and styling my hair for eight years. I wouldn't trust my hair with anyone else. Kerrie has wonderful energy and makes me look and feel beautiful. "
– Suzanne P.

Why is Organic Color Systems™ simply better?

It's 100% ammonia free The oil base of the color is alkaline so it raises the pH of
the hair, but at the same time it acts as a conditioning agent softening the hair's cuticle
and allowing it to be opened with gentle heat. This eliminates the need for ammonia.
Ammonia is a very effective way of opening the cuticle, however it opens the cuticle
so much that while the color is going in essential moisture and proteins are going out.

Certified Organic Ingredients Organic Color Systems™ is the only permanent color
line available today with certified organically grown ingredients. These include aloe vera,
orange, grapefruit, palm oil, natural soya, comfrey, wheat, coconut, vitamin C, vitamin E,
and corn. It is as natural as possible, while still allowing you to obtain exceptionally
professional results.

It maintains the integrity of hair Ammonia blows open the cuticle taking the hair
into the 10.5 - 12 range on the pH scale. We use a moisturizing oil base with a small
amount of ethanolamine to swell and open the cuticle to a pH level of 9. We are able
to close the cuticle back down and return the hair to the isometric point of 5.5, which
is the ideal pH of hair.

Lowest Percentage of Ethanolamine This color line contains about half as much
ethanolamine as any other non-ammonia color line (8% or more). We use it as a pH
adjustor and it is organically derived from coconut.

Pharmaceutical Grade Activators All permanent hair colors contain oxidative
pigments which means they have to come into contact with oxygen in order to materialize.
Peroxide (H2O2) is simply water with an additional oxygen molecule that can be split off
easily to activate the pigments. Our peroxides are pharmaceutical grade which means it is
the same peroxide found in eye drops, and therefore gentler then industrial grade peroxide.

It is unique and proprietary We commend other color lines that have removed ammonia
from their formulas. Unfortunately, the vast majority have replaced it with ethanolamine which
poses no health concerns as long as the amount used is reasonable. However, because they are
only replacing the ammonia with ethanolamine and with no other alkaline base, they are using a
very high percentage and consequently have not decreased the pH level that the hair is taken to,
so the same amount of damage is occurring.


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